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RED Farms is engaged in pure black Australorp chicken farming to support the small poultry farmers and the entire farming sector in Pakistan.

Black Hen Farming in Pakistan




Australorp Black hen farming in Pakistan is a highly demanded breed in the chicken farming sector because of its tremendous and record-breaking potential of laying eggs, heavy-weight to suffice good demand for chicken meat, easy buildup under the same conditions as for other local breeds, etc. This dual-purpose breed is best to invest in and carries the proven potential for business.

The name Australorp (Black hen) is a blend of Australian and Orpington. It is an Australian-origin bird. It was developed from English Black Orpingtons in the early 1900s by Australian breeders. It received global recognition for laying tremendous eggs in the 1920s.


Black hen Australorp farming in Pakistan is the ideal choice for poultry farmers. Because of their exceptional qualities of being highly prolific egg layers, well behaved, gentle, friendly in nature, and used for dual purposes for both breeding and to suffice meat demands.

Black Australorp chicken breed is used to serve both commercial and domestic needs. We have been doing Australorp farming for many years and selling Australorp table and fertile eggs, Australorp day-old chicks, Australorp roosters, and Australorp hens.

At RED Farms, pure, healthy, and disease-free Australorp Black hens and roosters are available for sale in large quantities at reasonable prices. Initiate commercial black Australorp farming in Pakistan with our complete support.

If you want to carry on with Black hen farming in Pakistan, then you have to possess a good ratio of Australorp hens and roosters to have numbers of fertile eggs and chicks to prosper Australorp chicken farming business.


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Australorp is a highly preferred breed for chicken farming because of various unique characteristics as mentioned here:


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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions that you need to ask

Yes, it is. Australorp farmers can enjoy fluency of getting pure eggs from which they can sale numbers of the table and fertile eggs profitably.
A single mature Australorp rooster is capable of breeding more or less 10 Australorp hens.
Yes, you can. Australorp breed is widely used for both laying large eggs and for getting meat in a good amount as the Australorp weigh heavy.