We are leading poultry farmers in Pakistan of exotic breeds
Best Poultry Farmers in Pakistan

Exotic Breeds farming


We are breeding exotic chickens; Australorp and RIR. We have years of experience in doing so and worked to promote healthy poultry farming all over Pakistan. RED farms provide a healthy and natural environment to its flock and nurture fowls with a free-range system and follow the best practices of rearing chickens.

Get help for your farming business from us to start with your poultry farm. We also assist our small-scale farmers so they can grow and contribute to the poultry sector in Pakistan.
The chicks and breeders of these exotic fowls are available at RED Farms in large quantities. Anyone who wants to initiate as a commercial or backyard poultry business so he can contact us and seek whatever he wants regarding poultry.

Pure Honey Farming in Pakistan



Red farms is bringing the pure and natural extract with dedication to you. We are contributing our part to promote and flourish healthy farming without the use of artificial ingredients or processing. Our experience of collecting honey from woods in their natural setting and canning without adding any preservatives or sweeteners to the honey is what makes us stand out.

We provide help to our fellow farmers of apiculture by demonstrating the best practices to get the best of nature. You can contact us anytime to order pure honey at any quantity or to consult with us for your apiculture business. Lead with us, grow with us.