We are leading poultry farmers in Pakistan of exotic breeds
Best Poultry Farmers in Pakistan

Exotic Breeds farming



Get help for your farming business from us to start with your poultry farm. We are breeding exotic chickens; Australorp and RIR. We have years of experience in doing so and worked to promote poultry farming all over Pakistan.

We provide help to our small farmers so they can grow and contribute to the poultry sector in Pakistan. The chicks and breeders of these exotic fowls are available at RED Farms in large quantities.

Anyone who wants to initiate as a commercial poultry business so he can contact us and seek whatever he wants regarding poultry.

Free Range Chickens

Pure chicken breeds



RED farms provides a healthy and natural environment to its birds and nurtures fowls with a free range system where our birds are allowed to move freely around the farm. We offer pure chicken breeds of Australorp and RIR and follow the best practices of rearing chickens. We also provide farm consultancy services to our valued customers to make them continue farming with good practices. We give farm management advice, shed management tips, weak bird identification service, breeder quality check, breed flock medication, and complete poultry management guidelines.
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Hatchery Service in Pakistan

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RED Farms offers you a great hatchery service. This service is not only available for specific Australorp and RIR eggs but also you can bring any breed eggs here. The time required for the egg’s Incubation is 21-days, usually, after these days, egg hatching starts, and sometimes it takes more days than that.

We use our good quality incubator and hatchery chicks machines to control the environmental factors including the humidity and the surrounding temperature. RED Farms is one of the best baby chicks hatching farms.

At RED Farms Pakistan we take good care of the management of eggs and are responsible for the quality of equipment. We are here to make eggs hatching easy and stress-free for you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions that you need to ask

RED is an abbreviation for Research for Enterprise Development. RED Farm is engaged in exotic poultry breed products like Autralorp and Rhode Island Red (RIR) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Our Identity is RED but for poultry, we have taken the liberty to say RED Farms.
Yes, it does. RED Farm is the largest poultry farm in Pakistan who is rearing Austarlorp and RIR at large quantities. We are supporting the farming industry in Pakistan to shift the nation from broiler to pure and desi chicken.
RED Farms follows free range system for breeding its chickens where our fowls can freely move around the farm. We give a natural environment to our birds to grow them naturally healthy which are also healthy to eat. We do not follow conservative or intensive farming. These free range chickens also live longer at least 56 days.
RED Farm sells day-old chicks and table & fertile eggs of both breeds of Australorp and RIR on a more frequent basis.






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