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Australorp Hens.


Australorp is an Australian originated chicken breed developed as a utility with a focus on egg-laying. It is famous for laying more than 300 eggs per year. This number indicates that if we provide this fowl with proper care, it won’t skip laying an egg a day. It has achieved worldwide popularity in the 1920s after, it broke numerous world records for the number of eggs laid. Since then it is popular in the western world.

Australorp is one of the eight poultry breeds created in Australia and recognised by the Australian Poultry Standards. The most popular colour of the this bird is black, which is the only colour recognised commonly. It has achieved international recognition. It has gained immense popularity in Pakistan in the year 2020 and it has become a suitable & best-fit for Desi Hen Farming in Pakistan. & month-old

Australorp | A best choice for desi farming

This fowl is not only limited to nutritious egg production instead it also yields nutritious meat. It is known as Desi dual-purpose breed. The conventional farmer in Pakistan has switched towards its farming due to the fact that is it the best dual-purpose desi chicken.
It won’t be wrong to say that this is the best choice for all poultry farmers. It is a healthy breed that ensures the yield of the best quality poultry products. Every wise farmer is now investing for it If the trend of poultry in Pakistan has been observed in recent years it can be inferred that it has a profitable & scalable future in Pakistan. Its characteristics are best for the Pakistani Poultry Market. To continue with its farming it is very vital to only purchase pure & genuine blood-lined products in form of roosters, hens fertile eggs, or chicks Australorp for Sale otherwise it will be a waste of money & time.

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