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Shed Design & Shed Management

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General Guidlines for Shed Construction

  • Shed Design for RIR & Australorp hens
    Poultry shed or hen Farm must be constructed 1.2KM away from other farms or commercial facilities. The farm or shed be built in such a way that it has good ventilation and exposure to sunlight. Biosecurity zone and boundaries are clearly defined. Foot dips of uniform size must be given at the entrance to all poultry sheds, and they should be used if possible. 50 percent bleaching powder + 50 percent lime powder for hygiene purposes.
  • Free Range-Shed Construction guidelines for black Australorp and RIR hens
    Construction of the shed is a crucial point to sustain the farming business. The general guidelines for constructing a free-range shed or shed design for Australorp and RIR are discussed below;
  • The direction of Shed:
    The length of the shed should be facing East to West and the width should be South to North. This also depends on the geographical location of the farm. If the farm is located in the cold region then the direction of the long axis should be North-South. If the farm is located in hot and humid conditions then it should be East- 6 of 22 West, if the farm is located in the region with a very high temperature in summer months, then the long axis should be South-East.
  • Area requirement
    You need the area as per the number of birds, so each adult bird of Australorp and RIR requires 2sq.ft area. Hence you will take the total area for the shed depending upon the number of birds you wish to keep or rear.
  • Floor bedding
    It is best to prepare concrete floor bedding for easy and proper cleaning. You can wash the floor easily to remove all sorts of waste or litter, making it germ-free.
  • Use of Bamboo sticks:
    The use of bamboo sticks inside your shed will enhance the space because these natural scavengers love to move actively here and there, sitting on branches is their favorite hobby, so fix the bamboo stick on the height of 3 ft above from the ground. This will help to create more space for birds and they will feel as growing in a natural environment. This keeps them happy.
  • Temperature
    Inside the shed, it is very important to maintain the temperature. No doubt Australorp and RIR have the ability to survive in harsh conditions but still, it is livestock just as humans, they also love and nurture well in maintained conditions. Therefore, use heaters and fans in winters and summers respectively. Hang the curtains outside the windows of the shed to maintain temperature.
  • Quantity of feeders n drinkers
    Appropriate numbers of feeders and drinkers are important to keep to ensure every bird is taking proper feed timely. We don’t want your flock dying of thirst, so keep the count of feeders and drinkers on the basis of the count of birds. Generally, 1 feeder is enough for 30-40 birds and 1 drinker is enough for 70-80 birds.
  • Nest-boxes
    After taking all of the precautions, still you fail to get a good number of eggs by the hen, do you know why? Because you did not make a proper and comfy place for their laying. Use nest boxes, 1 nest box is enough for 70 – 80 birds. Set these boxes prior to their laying period, so that they can be habitual of sitting with comfort in the boxes.

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