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Rhode Island Red | RIR Chicken Farming In Pakistan

RED Farms is engaged in Rhode Island Red chicken farming to support the small poultry farmers and the entire farming sector in Pakistan.

RIR Farming in Pakistan


In the late nineteenth century, RIR chicken was developed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island through the cross-breeding of Malay, Cochin, Java, and Shanghai with a bird from Italy named Brown Leghorn. Both the American Poultry Association in 1904 and the British Poultry Standard in 1909 accepted this breed. It has ability to attain good health without intense care.

RIR Chicken was created to provide a high production for small backyard poultry farmers, but it has since climbed to a vital position in the commercial egg-laying industry and has become a dominant breed in the poultry world. RIR has proven to be a successful fowl and is the state bird of Rhode Island.

Successful RIR Farming at RED Farms:

RED Farms supplies pure blood-lined RIR chicks to suit the growing demand for desi chicken meat and desi eggs online in Pakistan. As Pakistan’s population has expanded, so has the demand for desi eggs and desi chicken on the internet. RIR chicken from an organic chicken farm can fill this void.

RED Farms has been breeding pure RIR chicken farming in Pakistan at a large scale to facilitate and strengthen the poultry farming industry and to support small farmers as well. We sell huge quantities of RIR hens, RIR roosters, RIR Table eggs, RIR fertile eggs, and RIR day old chicks.

RIR farming in Pakistan is a very ideal breed for small and commercial poultry producers since it is one of the most successful chicken breeds for laying purposes worldwide. RIR is a brown-colored desi chicken that is well-known for being a very healthy chicken that is conducive to successful farming.

It is commonly reared for both egg-laying and meat production. It lays brown coloured and large-sized eggs. Its flesh also has a pleasant flavour, which improves market demand. The RED organic chicken farm has the capacity to meet the growing demand for RIR hens, roosters, chicks, and desi eggs in Pakistan. You can contact us anytime for purchasing RIR da-old chicks, RIR month-old chicks, RIR hens, and RIR breeders.45062

Our experience with Australorp fowls

Why Choose Us

Australorp is a highly preferred breed for chicken farming because of various unique characteristics as mentioned here:

Eggs laying


Egg Weight


Hen Weight




Frequently Asked Questions


What RED Farms does? RED is an abbreviation for Research for Enterprise Development. RED Farm is engaged in exotic poultry breed products like Autralorp and Rhode Island Red (RIR) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Our Identity is RED but for poultry, we have taken the liberty to say RED Farms.
Yes, it does. RED Farm is the largest poultry farm in Pakistan for organic chicken farm who is rearing Austarlorp and RIR at large quantities. We are supporting the farming industry in Pakistan to shift the nation from broiler to pure and desi chicken.
RED Farms follows free range system for breeding its chickens where our fowls can freely move around the farm. We give a natural environment to our birds to grow them naturally healthy which are also healthy to eat. We do not follow conservative or intensive farming. These free range chickens also live longer at least 56 days.
RED Farm sells day-old chicks, table & fertile eggs of both breeds of Australorp and RIR on a more frequent basis and desi chicken meat.

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