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Rhode Island Red | RIR Chicken Farming In Pakistan


RED Farms is engaged in Rhode Island Red chicken farming to support the small poultry farmers and the entire farming sector in Pakistan.

RIR Farming in Pakistan

RIR chicken



In the late nineteenth century, RIR chicken was developed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island through the cross-breeding of Malay, Cochin, Java, and Shanghai with a bird from Italy named Brown Leghorn. Both the American Poultry Association in 1904 and the British Poultry Standard in 1909 accepted this breed. This chicken breed does not require much care and takes good health naturally.

RIR Chicken was prepared for the small backyard poultry farmers but it has now taken a pivotal position in the egg-laying industry and has become a dominant breed in the poultry world. RIR has proven to be a successful fowl which is a state bird of Rhode Island.


RED Farms offers pure and genuine RIR chicken to satisfy the growing demand for chicken meat and desi eggs in Pakistan. As the population is increasing at a huge pace, meeting chicken demand has become necessary. This demand can be fulfilled through RIR chicken.

RED Farms has been breeding pure RIR chicken farming in Pakistan at a large scale to facilitate and strengthen the poultry farming industry and to support small farmers. We sell huge quantities of RIR hens, RIR roosters, RIR Table eggs, RIR fertile eggs, and RIR day old chicks. Our Rhode Island Red chickens are free to enjoy the natural environment as they are bred in a free-range system.

RIR farming in Pakistan is a highly suitable breed for poultry farmers as it is Globally one of the most successful chicken breeds. RIR produces brown color desi eggs and is well known for being an extremely healthy chicken which is favorable for farming.

It is widely used for both laying eggs and meat purposes. Its meat also flavors well which also increases consumer demand in the market. RED Farms has the capability to satisfy the demand for RIR hens, roosters, chicks, and eggs all over Pakistan. Feel free to contact us.


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RIR chicken is a highly preferred breed for poultry farming because of various unique characteristics as mentioned here:


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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions that you need to ask

RIR chicken is commonly and widely known for eggs laying potential, Desi brown egg colour, flavour-rich meat, and sturdy health.
Rhode Island Red is a strong fowl which can survive in any climate. They normally do not get affected by cold or warm weather. But you need to take proper care of the breed.
Free-range system suites best to RIR chickens where these chickens roam around the farm, feed themselves and find the most suitable spot to lay eggs.
Yes, it is. RIR chicken farming can give farmers a better advantage in comparison to any other breeds because people buy RIR table eggs too frequently so RIR farming is profitable to start with or carry on.