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Pure Desi Chicken

RIR Pure desi chicken in Pakistan meat is best to consume due to its ability to gain a good health in cage free system. Its pinkish raw meat colour with pale yellow skin and fully nutritious makes it an ideal choice for Pure desi chicken meat consumption.

RED organic chicken farm bred this breed in cage free system, allowing it to nourish in natural environment that yields strong, scrumptious and healthy meat. Tender and juicy pure desi chicken meat in Pakistan of our young and healthy roosters let you to enjoy delicious and healthy Pure desi chicken.

We are a strong supplier of RIR Pure desi chicken meat online in Pakistan. You can order to get desi chicken online in Pakistan. We sell dressed meat and whole chicken in any quantity. We slaughter the young and healthy rooster in hygienic conditions and delivers organic pure desi chicken at your doorstep. Contact us to order Rhode island red (RIR) pure desi chicken in Pakistan online.

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