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Black Australorp Chicken


Only a few chicken breeds can lay as many eggs as Pakistani Black Australorp chickens for sale. The Black Australorp hen set a world record in the 1920s when a flock of Black Australorp hens for sale in Pakistan laid nearly 1,800 brown chicken eggs in 35 weeks after being introduced to Australia in 1919 as an Australian answer to England’s Orrington breed. After then, the Black Australorp chicken for sale breed set a new world record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days with just one Black Australorp hen for sale. Its egg-laying abilities have made the Black Australorp one of the most desired chickens in the world. Chickens for Backyards has Black australorp chickens for sale so that you can enjoy the benefits in your backyard.


Black Australorp chickens for sale in Pakistan are a calm and peaceful breed that produces a lot of eggs. As a result, Black chickens for sale in Pakistan are ideal for families with little children who want to participate in the care of the animals. They also get along well with most other chicken breeds due to their placid nature, making them a welcome addition to any flock. Apart from that, Black Australorp chickens for sale will grow into lovely birds with all black feathers and a magnificent glittering sheen that reflects green, purple, and pink tones in the sunlight.
When you add a Black Australorp chicken for sale in Pakistan to your farm or backyard drove, you can imagine it to lay almost 280 to 300 brown eggs per year. Black Australorp chickens for sale will also adapt well to almost any space, whether it be a small cage or a large yard, ensuring that you will not have to worry about making special spaces. Black Australorp roosters can reach a healthy weight of 8.5 pounds. The hens usually average around 6 pounds;
Demonstrate great broodiness which makes them ideal for breeding purposes.

 ColorBrown HardinessCold and Heat
 Egg SizeLarge BroodyYes
 Egg ProductionExcellent Hen Weight6 lbs
 PersonalityQuiet and Calm Rooster Weight8 1/2 lbs

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