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About Red Farm

Know About Us


RED is an abbreviation for Research for Enterprise Development. RED Farms is a commercial poultry farm, offers exotic and pure Australorp & RIR free-range breeds. We promote the innovation of products to ensure the natural quality. We have been catering to the farming sector in order to invest and rear for comparatively better production.

We offer the services of hatchery and the products such as table eggs, fertile eggs, roosters + hens of Australorp & RIR, and their weeks & day-old chicks, as these breeds have proven to be a beneficial egg-layer and meat production barnyard companion.

Mission and Vision Statement

Our Story

Research for Enterprise Development, established in Jan 2020, is a private entrepreneurial organization as a Single Member Company with SECP and holds the following mission and purpose/objectives.

How we move on


Good Care

1. Breeding


We maintain the purity and health by nurturing our breeds in uncontrolled system. Our well trained staff takes care of their proper and healthy diet and timely vaccination to boost immunity against any disease. Strict bio-security plan is managed to keep the bird stress free happy & healthy.

2. Hatching


The healthy eggs laid by our healthy breeders are stored properly with intense control of humidity and temperature. They are stored in a bacterial-controlled place to avoid any sort of minor or major contamination. These eggs are safely delivered to hatchery and placed in the best quality incubators. Proper fumigation, rotation, humidity and temperature control is strictly monitored and maintained.

3. Growing the chicks

Growing the chicks

We manage this delicate task with intense care. Our chicks are carefully managed when they come out from eggs. We rear our birds with proper medication and vaccinate them on intervals. We regularly check the flock to identify and consult if any of a bird is not consuming its share. Our birds gain good health. We also deliver our A-graded and vaccinated chicks to our valuable clients, ensuring the safety measures.

4. Delivering the Products

Delivering the Products

Birds from our happy coop lay healthy and tasty eggs, grow and attain good amount of delicious meat. We consider only halal practices. We pack our organic chicken farm’s poultry products with love and safely deliver to our beloved customers.

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