About Red Farms

About Red Farms


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What do We do?



RED is an abbreviation for Research for Enterprise Development. RED Farms is a commercial poultry farm, offers exotic and pure Australorp & RIR free-range breeds. We promote the innovation of products to ensure the natural quality.

We have been catering to the farming sector in order to invest and rear for comparatively better production. We offer the services of hatchery and the products such as table eggs, fertile eggs, roosters + hens of Australorp & RIR, and their weeks & day-old chicks, as these breeds have proven to be a beneficial egg-layer and meat production barnyard companion.

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How we move on

We nurture our breeds with dedication


Good care

We keep good care of our breeds from the day when they come out from eggs. We rear our birds with proper medication and vaccinate them on regular intervals. We keep our birds healthy.


Health environment

RED Farms is created in a way where our fowls get a natural and healthy environment. Our birds are allowed to roam around without any restriction or confinement. They grow naturally and get good health and the cycle moves on.


Proper feeding

Our breeds are given a balanced feeding whole day to ensure good health of each and every fowl. We regularly check the flock and identify and consult if any of a bird is not consuming its share.