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Australorp Fertile Eggs for sale in Pakistan

RED Farms is selling pure and fresh fertile eggs of Black Australorp Breed all over Pakistan.

Australorp Eggs

RED Farms has a complete setup for breeding chickens. We generate a life cycle of our breeders naturally and give them a healthy environment, so they lay healthy eggs at a good pace.

Our healthy flock of Black Australorp reaches its production cycle at the age of 5 months. Australorp fertile eggs at Red Farms are freshly laid and collected within a few hours. These healthy & fresh fertile eggs of Australorp are then sorted as A-Graded fertile eggs & Ungraded fertile eggs. A-Graded fertile eggs are stored at temperature & humidity and germs-controlled environment to ensure the best fertility rate.

We offer healthy, A-graded fertile Australorp eggs for sale in Pakistan at competitive prices. When chicks come out from fertilized eggs they grow your farming business and we keep our support at your back to guide & consult you on every single point.

Black Australorp fertile eggs in Pakistan are often larger than those of other chicken breeds, weighing 45 to 65 grams on average. The size of Australorp eggs increases as the hens get older. The fertility rate of Australorp Fertile eggs purchased from our farm is 80%.

To get pure blood-lined & healthy Australorp fertile eggs with guaranteed fertility and business support feel free to contact us. Reach us out to place an order for Australorp fertile eggs in small or bulk quantities.


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