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If you are searching for “when is the right time for backyard poultry?” The season of March, the official season of spring. As this weather warms and cheers up everything, and urges to do something fresh and productive. So, in this season, let’s begin with backyard poultry because we all know that a happy coop gives tasty eggs and savory flavored meat. Now, you must be thinking about what to pick up for the backyard poultry.  Don’t worry! We will help you to choose the best chicken breed. Let’s go further to take this into the discussion to conclude which breed to opt for backyard or small-scale poultry.

  • Comparison of black Australorp with other local breeds

Usually, Misri golden or aseel chickens opted for backyard poultry and white chicken at the commercial level. However, if we compare these breeds to analyze which breed can be best for layer farming, meat farming, or backyard poultry, it is seen that Misri golden & aseel chickens are not much prolific for production. Misri breed is a crossbreed of lots of different breeds, the reason why their products show variation in size and color and sometimes even in taste. On the other hand, white chicken, a breed that is being reared in a control-shed system, does not interact with nature, so definitely, it is not much healthy to consume. This information is not enough if you are looking for reasons to opt for a better choice. Hence, always keep in mind the weather conditions of the area you are living in. Therefore, choose a chicken breed that has a good temperament against weather conditions. We also need to consider the production-capacity or maximum conversion of nutrition to produce well nutritious meat and eggs.  After reading till, you will be thinking about which chicken breed to be chosen as hen farming so, here is the answer to it. It is Black Australorp, known as Black Hen in Pakistan as well. This is an Australian-desi breed and a dual-purpose fowl, proving as highly prolific for egg production i.e. 300+ in one year. Its meat is also very delicious and savory.

  • Comparison chart:
  Black Hen (Black Australorp) Desi Breeds / other local breeds
Feed Expense Average Average
Growth Time 5 to 6 months 5 to 6 months
Production Double Average
Hormones Not required required
Eggs Per Year 340 170
Immunity Strong Average

After the experience of many farmers and intensive research, australorp has been proven a very healthy and prolific breed for layer and meat purposes. While choosing black australorp for your poultry make sure it is pure. Black australorp or Black hen is available in Pakistan but don’t be fooled by the tag of Black australorp for sale by any farmer or supplier, read out our other blogs or perform a search in google for the identification of pure black breed.


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