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Is Organic Chicken Farm a Sustainable Choice for Commercial Farming?


Organic Chicken Farm is a sustainable choice for commercial level farming. After the technology has gone so far, mankind wants to bring back some conventional methods in the community for the sake of sustainability. Farming and agriculture activities are the core part of survival. Better production for a huge population without losing nutrition is the main concern for this industry. It has been considered that conventional systems’ (organic farming) impressive efficiency to be more sustainable in terms of optimised output and business practice.

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An organic chicken farm is a sustainable option at the commercial level due to the advantage of yielding healthy products with less or no use of synthetic chemicals. For setting up an organic chicken farm for the purpose of business it is crucial to make the choice of breeds. The success of an organic chicken farm depends on the choice of breeds that which breed has better production capability after being raised through an organic system at an organic chicken farm to fulfil the demand at a reasonable price.

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The life of chickens at an Organic Chicken Farm is way too different than in the controlled sheds. Life starts with a healthy fertile egg laid by a hen that has been raised at an organic chicken farm. That healthy fertile egg being turned into a healthy baby chicken, being brood carefully and then made free to roam and peck around the acres, flipping its wings in the sunshine, taking sunbath in the sand, and consuming the naturally occurring nutrients in the soil such as greenery and worms. These crude protein, calcium and minerals become part of the flesh and blood of the chicken, ensures a better and strong immune system and bones. The mixture of the commercial & organic feed helps the chicken to yield the maximum with the better nutritional quality of eggs and chicken meat. The healthy food, hygienic & open environment letting it enjoy the shades of nature keeps the chicken happy and healthy that ultimately helps to get maximum yield without losing any sort of nutritional value. Else than this, the litter of the hens being naturally decomposed by bacteria ensures the recycling of several nutrients in the environment while on the other hand control sheds release harmful gases in the environment, become a reason for global warming. Recent research on organic chicken farm has also proved that an organic chicken farm generates low levels of greenhouse gas emissions and results in modest levels of energy and water use.  Also, the hens growing in the controlled shed has no environment and time to spend with nature to yield healthy and organic products, instead, synthetic chemicals being injected are resulting in the yield of products with less wholesomeness. The hens living in the control shed system becomes weak due to less physical activities and possess the least strong immune system due to no exposure to nature.


conclude that the organic chicken farm is a healthy and sustainable choice even for poultry farming at the commercial level. Organic chicken farm ensures the less harm to the environment and better-quality products for the mankind. Sustainable production and consumptions whirl around the concept of such business models that ensure less damage to the environment, full utilization of resources, recycling and yielding better-quality products for current and future generations. An organic chicken farm can save every chicken’s right to life.

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