low production in winters

My hens dropped the egg produc...

The Winter season is challenging for layer farmers. As this season approaches, egg production drops to a significant number. This… Continue reading My hens dropped the egg production in winters, what to do?

By Sana Malik

100% pure bairi honey

Benefits of 100% Pure Bairi Ho...

What wonders can Pure Bairi Honey do? We can say that 100% Pure Bairi honey is liquid gold for the… Continue reading Benefits of 100% Pure Bairi Honey / Pure Sidr Honey

By Sana Malik

black chicken

How to Start Australorp Farmin...

Introduction The black Australorp business has been a game-changer for the poultry industry in Pakistan. Diseases and supply-demand imbalances have… Continue reading How to Start Australorp Farming Business In Pakistan?

By Sana Malik

organic chickens

Garlic - An Essential Organic ...

For centuries, garlic has been considered the most powerful natural antibiotic in human and animal diseases and has been used… Continue reading Garlic – An Essential Organic Feed for Organic Poultry

By Sana Malik