Australorp And RIR Eggs

RED Farms is selling pure and fresh table and fertile eggs of Australorp and RIR Breed all over Pakistan.
Australorp Eggs

Australorp fertile and table eggs for sale

RED Farms has a complete setup for breeding chickens. We generate a life cycle of our breeders naturally and give them a healthy environment so they lay healthy eggs on a good pace.

We deal in both table and fertile eggs of Australorp at reasonable prices. When chicks come out from fertilized eggs they grow your farming business and we keep our support at your back to guide & consult you on every single point.

Australorp eggs are normally bigger than other chicken breeds eggs and weigh 45g to 65g. These Australorp eggs sizes get bigger as the chickens grow up.

Our Australorp table and fertile eggs are on sale. Contact us and place an order to purchase Australorp table eggs and Australorp fertile eggs at any quantity

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RIR Eggs

RIR table and fertile eggs

RIR chicken is usually bred for eggs because of its better eggs production and desi brown colour effect. People prefer to eat desi eggs and that is why RIR table eggs are the most selling product for farmers who rear Rhode Island Red chicken.

Egg size of RIR chicken is also good and it weighs more than 55 grams. We also offer double yolk table eggs of RIR chicken which taste good and market well that's why RIR eggs are sold frequently.

RED Farms is dealing in both table and fertile eggs of RIR chicken at good prices in Pakistan and rearing RIR breed in a huge amount.

We are a strong supplier of RIR table eggs and RIR fertile eggs in Pakistan. Contact us to order RIR table eggs and RIR fertile eggs at any quantity.

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